Using Medicine for Your Recovery

Medicine can help you get relief from symptoms of a mental health condition. Medicine is one helpful tool among other tools, like therapy and peer support.

Be Part of the Decision about Medicine
Your doctor is an expert in medicine and other treatments, but you are also an expert – in you! Ask questions so you know all about the medicine:

  • What is the best way to take this medicine?
  • What should I do if I miss a dose?
  • How will I know it is working?
  • What side effects could happen?
  • How do I want my medicine to help me?
  • What are my reasons for using this medicine?

Tell your doctor what is important to you and how you want the medicine to help, so that you can get the right medicine for you.

If you are taking several medicines, ask your doctor if they are safe to take together. Ask if there is a best time to take each one.

Take Your Medicine as Planned
Write down a list of your medicines, and make a plan for when to take them. Make sure you know:

  • How much medicine to take
  • When to take it
  • If you need to eat or drink before or after you take it

Using medicine as planned helps you to be safe and gives you the best chance for the medicine to work. If you have not used the medicine as planned, tell your doctor so that you can decide together what to do next. You may have to try a few options to find the medicine that works best for you.

Give Medicine Time to Work
Medicine can take time to work to help you feel better. It can take up to several weeks before you notice a change in the way you feel.

Refill Prescriptions
Giving medicine the time to work also means you should refill your prescriptions on time. Stick to your schedule and ask for tips to stay on track so that you can recover, get well, and stay well.

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