My insurance gave me a provider's name, but when I called for an appointment, they said I’m not covered and need to call the insurance company. Why?

When you see a provider in our network, there are no copays, and you can be seen unlimitedly. So, when you call for an appointment and they ask about your insurance, make sure to tell them you have Community Care. If you need help finding a provider in our network, call us.

Can I get help with transportation to my doctor's office or other treatment appointments?

There are certain restrictions concerning transportation. If you need transportation to an appointment, you may be eligible for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP). Please call MATP directly at 1-888-547-6287 to learn more about transportation through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

How long are appointments and do I have a limited number of behavioral health visits?

With Medical Assistance, there are no limitations on the number of visits you can have per month. The length of the appointment will depend on the type of appointment you have.