Will I need to carry my ACCESS card once I am enrolled in HealthChoices?

Yes. Your health care provider (doctor or other health care professional) needs to see this card to check your eligibility. You also need it to use other services that may be available to you under Medical Assistance.

What identification cards should I carry with me?

You should carry your ACCESS card and the card for your physical health plan. You will also get a Community Care identification card when you get your Community Care Welcome Packet. You should always carry the Community Care identification card with you because it has important information on it.

  • It shows Community Care as your behavioral health care plan.
  • It helps you remember our phone number. You can get help or information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our number.
  • It helps you get behavioral health emergency services when you are away from home.

Why don’t I have an insurance card from Community Care?

Providers will use your 10-digit Medical Assistance ID number found on your ACCESS card, so you don’t need a separate insurance card.