How does Community Care protect my private information?

Community Care keeps your PHI private. PHI means protected health information. We have a Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer teaches our staff how to protect your PHI. We teach our staff about PHI each year. We have policies and procedures about PHI. They tell staff how to guard your information. We also have a Security Officer. The Security Officer keeps electronic PHI safe.

Employees may only see information they need to do their job. They sign a Confidentiality Statement. This means they agree to keep your PHI private. Staff may not talk about PHI in open areas. This includes break rooms and elevators. We check to be sure staff follow these rules.

We keep paper PHI in locked cabinets or drawers when not in use. Paper on fax machines does not show PHI. Printers and copy machines do not show PHI.

Computer firewalls protect your PHI. Computers have passwords. Staff may not share computers. Staff must lock computers when not in use. PHI is not in email. Emails are encrypted.

The Privacy Officer checks to see all rules are followed. This keeps your PHI safe.