Celebrating Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day: Working Together to Care for Children’s Mental Health

Community Care has created the Children’s Services Integrated (CSI) Framework over the last few years. The framework follows six core principles for all children’s behavioral health services. These six principles work together to create quality, effective behavioral health care for children, youth, and their families:

  1. Family Affirmation: a genuine family and provider alliance for the care of the child or youth (see the Family Voice video for more on building this alliance)
  2. Clinical Home: a single source for coordination of care focused on wellness
  3. Clinical Model: a practical framework for clinical work based in alliance through understanding and communication
  4. Fidelity and Outcomes: a relevant evaluation framework that tracks care, process, and outcomes
  5. Physical Health/Behavioral Health Integration: a focus on wellness and collaboration across partners
  6. Workforce Development: a commitment to supporting the skills, morale, and well-being of provider staff

Community Care continues to work with our provider and community partners to bring this framework to all children’s community-based services in our network.