Recovery Stories

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  • Dee was devastated when she lost her significant other but learned coping skills to handle her grief.
  • Valerie – Work incentives helped Valerie return to work after multiple intensive hospitalizations.
  • Staci – Once Staci was overwhelmed with suicidal thoughts until she learned how to overcome and work through them.
  • Deanna supports her own recovery by going online and using Pat Deegan’s Academy + Library.
  • Alexa is a Youth and Young Adult Certified Peer Specialist who helps young adults 16 and older on their recovery journey.
  • Floyd utilized Social Security Work Incentives to supplement his benefits by becoming a Certified Peer Specialist.
  • Emilia found Recovery through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) after serving time in jail.
  • Shirley, Mark, and Tonya all improved their health by cutting back or quitting smoking.
  • Leigh's recovery journey included medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help her address her triggers and make behavior changes.
  • Dwayne is in recovery and works as a Community Outreach Specialist helping people with their recovery.
  • Ondra is a grandmother who learned PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction therapy) to improve her relationship with her grandson.
  • Sally talks about addressing stigma and how it’s benefitted her recovery.
  • Anthony learned about eating healthy and other things by working with a Nurse Health Navigator.
  • Justine works full-time as a Youth Support Partner helping to explain behavioral health concerns to youth and young adults ages 10-21.
  • Deborah lives her Recovery one day at a time. She believes in compassion and person-centered care.
  • Janel works with a peer specialist in her recovery journey. She likes the fact that her peer specialist can identify with many of her experiences.