Member Satisfaction

Every year, we mail surveys to a random sample of members to find out what they think about our services. The surveys are anonymous. Participation in the survey does not affect member care or treatment. Based on the care our members receive, we learned that members felt:

  • The people treating them listened to them carefully.
  • The people treating them explained things in a way that they could understand.
  • The people treating them spent enough time with them.
  • The people treating them thought they could get better.
  • They were informed of the benefits of taking a certain medicine.
  • Safe when they went for treatment.

The results of the following questions told us areas where some work is needed:

  • When you or your child needed to get counseling or treatment right away, how long did you usually have to wait between trying to get care and actually seeing someone?
  • How much of a problem, if any, was it to get the help you needed when you called Community Care Customer Services?

We meet with members at advisory meetings as well as other internal committee meetings to review the survey results. Members and member representatives who serve on committees (who may or may not have participated in the current year's anonymous survey) help us come up with the best ways to improve member satisfaction. Some of the things that we plan to do to improve member satisfaction include:

  • Use publications and tools to remind and educate members that if they need help getting urgent care, they can call Community Care
  • Let members know about our user-friendly website
  • Publish informational articles in the member newsletters and on our website
  • Continue working with people in the Customer Service Department to improve their performance when handling calls from members

Feedback from members about our services is very important to us. If you have other ideas that might help us to increase member satisfaction, please call the number for your county. Ask to speak to someone from the Quality Department. You can make comments as an individual or participate on a committee.