Peer Support Services

Are you at least 14 years old and living with a mental health challenge? Do you find it hard to go to school, make friends, or work? Would you like to talk to someone who has “been there, done that?” Peer support services provided by a certified peer specialist (CPS) might be able to help.

A peer specialist for younger people is someone who has their own experience in recovery from mental health and co-occurring challenges. They are trained to offer support to youth and young adults. Peer support services aim to inspire hope that recovery is not only possible, but likely.

All peer support services are voluntary and designed on the principles of individual choice and self-direction. A CPS actively involves you in developing strengths in the areas of living, learning, working, and social interaction in your community.

Certified Peer Specialists can help you with:

  • Making a personal recovery plan.
  • Setting goals to get well and stay well.
  • Getting around the mental health system and advocating for you.
  • Finding resources in your own community.
  • Teaching you recovery skills.
  • Walking beside you and supporting your steps to well-being.
  • Using your voice and power to get what you need.

Research shows that people who get peer support services:

  • Have more hope for recovery.
  • Are more active in their care.
  • Feel more empowered.
  • Use hospitals or emergency services less often.
  • Have better relationships with treatment providers.

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