Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation (or psych rehab) helps people 18 years and older to develop skills to live a productive and meaningful life. Psych rehab can help you on your road to recovery from a mental illness.

Psych Rehab can help you reach goals like:

  • Education (GED, high school diploma, college degree, special training program)
  • Social (making friends, joining community groups, feeling supported by others)
  • Getting a job (preparing to work, learning and practicing skills you need to work)
  • Being a part of your community (managing your illness, budgeting your money, learning skills to live in the community)

3 Types of Psych Rehab Programs

Site-Based Psych Rehab

You work with a rehab counselor to find out your strengths and goals, and you choose activities to help you meet your goals. Many activities will be with a group of peers who have similar interests. You also have individual time with your counselor. You may attend this program several times a week.


The clubhouse model helps people who are ready and want to work. As a clubhouse member, you work with a team of peers and rehab counselors to get a job done. You might also have a job coach as you practice working in the community. You are expected to attend clubhouse at least 4 hours a day in preparation for employment.

Mobile Psych Rehab

You work with a rehab counselor in settings that are a part of your life. You practice skills in your home or community that you have learned while in the clubhouse or site-based program. If you are unable to get to a site-based program, mobile psych rehab may be a choice for you.

How to Get Psych Rehab Services

Call us to learn about service providers who can meet your needs. If you are already seeing a counselor or therapist, you can talk to them. You should get enough information to get the service that you want and the process for a referral.

If you need help, call us. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.