CommonGround is an online program that helps you prepare to meet with your psychiatrist or treatment team.

Prepare for Your Medicine Appointment
When you have a medicine appointment, you might need to talk about a lot of things without a lot of time. It can be hard to remember what you want to say or ask your doctor. CommonGround addresses this issue by helping you prepare before your appointment. Then you are ready during the appointment to make decisions with your doctor about your treatment and recovery.

Health Report
CommonGround helps you make a one-page Health Report – an overview of how you are doing and any concerns you have.

The Health Report lets your doctor quickly see your goals, concerns, and progress. Then, you can make a shared decision about the next steps in your treatment. Your shared decision is printed out so you can take it home as a reminder before your next appointment.

Other Features on CommonGround

  • Personal Medicine – what you do to be well. These are things that make you happy and that make life meaningful. Personal Medicine is also little ways you take care of yourself and manage stress.
  • Power Statement – a self-advocacy statement that your doctor sees. It introduces you to the doctor as a person, not a patient. It says how you want psychiatric medicine to help you. And it lets your doctor or nurse help you find treatment that best meets your recovery goals.
  • Recovery Toolkits – each toolkit has worksheets, fact sheets, and other information (like posters, cards, and brochures) for each recovery and wellness topic.

You can use CommonGround at a Decision Support Center. Information about CommonGround and other features are also on the Recovery Library.