Decision Support Centers

A Decision Support Center (or DSC) is in the waiting area of a psychiatric medication clinic. You can decide what you want to say about your treatment before your appointment.

  • Have a voice in your treatment.
  • Help your doctor hear your concerns loud and clear.
  • Give your doctor a better idea about things that might help based on what you want.

Make a Personal Health Report

A Decision Support Center has computers with a program called CommonGround. Peer staff can help you use it. CommonGround makes a one-page, personal health report that you take to your appointment. You can also take the health report home to look at before your next appointment.

CommonGround asks questions about:

  • Your symptoms.
  • Medicine you are taking.
  • Wellness concerns.
  • Wellness goals.
  • How you want treatment to help you.
  • What you have been doing to help yourself.

When you and your doctor decide the next steps in your treatment together, it is called a shared decision.

Call Community Care for help getting treatment or any questions about Decision Support Centers.