Decision Support Centers

A Decision Support Center (or DSC) is in the waiting area of a psychiatric medication clinic. Using a computer, and with the help of peer staff, you answer questions about your treatment before your appointment. You have a chance to figure out what you want to say about your treatment before you see your doctor. Then, you can make decisions together to find the right treatment for you.

How does a Decision Support Center work?

Computers in the DSC have a special program called CommonGround. Peer staff can help you use it. You answer questions about your symptoms, medicine you are taking, wellness concerns, and wellness goals. You say how you want treatment to help you and what you have been doing to help yourself. The computer program uses your answers to make a one-page health report that you take with you to your appointment.

How can a Decision Support Center help you?

A Decision Support Center helps you have a voice in your treatment. It helps your doctor hear your concerns loud and clear. It also gives your doctor a better idea about things that might help you based on what you want. When you decide with your doctor about the next steps in your treatment, it is called a shared decision. Other people on your treatment team who are allowed to see your health report can find recovery and wellness information just for you.

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